By: Missy Marquette

As the temperatures rise and the school year draws to a close, many dancers may be tempted to take a break from their regular training routine. However, continuing dance training throughout the summer months is very beneficial for dancers looking to maintain and improve their skills.

Here’s why:
Just like any other skill, consistency is vital in dance training. Taking a break from training, even for a few months, can lead to a loss of strength, flexibility, and technique. By continuing to dance throughout the summer, dancers can maintain their progress and avoid setbacks when they return to regular classes in the fall. Summer dance training provides an opportunity for dancers to focus on building strength, stamina, and endurance. With fewer distractions and obligations, dancers can dedicate more time to conditioning exercises, cross-training, and targeted practice sessions, helping them become stronger and more resilient performers. Summer dance classes often offer more individualized attention and smaller class sizes, allowing dancers to receive personalized feedback and guidance from instructors. This focused attention enables dancers to refine their technique, correct any bad habits, and make significant improvements in their dancing. Summer is the perfect time to explore new dance styles and techniques that may not be covered in regular classes during the school year.

Whether it’s trying out a different genre or mastering a challenging variation, summer dance training offers a chance for dancers to expand their horizons and broaden their skill set. Many dance companies, schools, and performance groups hold auditions and rehearsals during the summer months for upcoming productions and competitions. By continuing dance training throughout the summer, dancers can stay prepared and confident when audition season rolls around, increasing their chances of success.

Summer dance classes can also be very beneficial for our younger dancers! They provide a supportive environment where students can explore movement, experiment with different styles, and let their creativity soar. Mastering new dance steps and techniques can significantly boost confidence levels. Summer dance classes offer a safe space for children to step out of their comfort zones, overcome challenges, and celebrate their progress, leading to increased self-esteem. Dance classes provide a wonderful opportunity to make new friends. The camaraderie and sense of community fostered in dance classes can be invaluable. Summer is the perfect time to try something new, and dance classes offer just that. Often times, the session is shorter in the summer, allowing younger dancers the chance to experiment in different genres of dance to find their favorites!

In conclusion, summer dance training is essential for dancers who are serious about their craft but also for students who want to experience a new hobby! By maintaining consistency, building strength and endurance, refining technique, exploring new styles and staying inspired, dancers can make the most of their summer break and emerge as stronger, more skilled performers. So don’t let the summer months go to waste – keep dancing and keep growing!