Dazzle Dancers (For All Ages)

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Dazzle Dancers (For All Ages)

Dazzle Dancers provides an opportunity for children with special needs to participate in the performing arts through dance education.

Dazzle Dancers learn all types of dance in a fun, encouraging atmosphere. Dancers in the program gain confidence, coordination, strength, and lifelong friends, all while feeling like a star. Dazzle Dancers also provides volunteer opportunities for teens. Our youth volunteers learn essential lessons in responsibility and friendship by providing one-on-one assistance to a special needs dancer.

Dazzle Dancer classes are taught by volunteer dance educators and take place at the Medina Centre for Dance Art Studios. Advance level youth volunteers, dance instructors, community dance studios, and local businesses allow Dazzle Dancers to provide dance classes, supplies, and costumes to special needs dancers at no cost to their parents.

Dazzle Dancers classes

Dazzle Dancers

Dazzle Dancer’s learn all types of dance in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.

Dancers in the program:

  • Gain confidence
  • Coordination
  • Strength
  • Make  friends

All while feeling like a star!

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