By C. Mahl, Medina Centre for Dance Art, Program Coordinator

After so many activities came to an abrupt end last year, kids were forced to spend their time navigating all of the hurdles that the pandemic threw at them. From Zoom classes, both in school and at extracurricular activities, canceled events, restrictive protocols have been overwhelming at times. But now we are coming out of the pandemic and have the summer to ease back into a sense of normalcy.

Getting active, moving to music, safely socializing with other children in a positive environment, and having fun are extremely valuable and something all children need now more than ever. This is why dance is an excellent activity for everyone, and summer is a perfect time to dance.  There are a wide variety of classes for new students and experienced dancers.

For the youngest dancers, the benefits of early childhood dance are essential. Dancers become acquainted with the routine of a dance class, meet teachers and friends, learn locomotor and non-locomotor skills, and explore movement using props and music while being active and having fun!

Summer dance classes are pretty valuable as well for kids and teens alike. Because recital season is over, summer dance classes focus on going back to the basics. It is an excellent opportunity for dancers to concentrate on technique, build stamina and stability, and prevent injuries. Muscles stay engaged and in working shape, ready to get back to it in the fall with less of a chance for sprains, strains, and tears. Dancers also get to try classes that they may not typically take, make friends from other classes, and improve self-confidence.

Summer is the perfect time to enroll your child in dance because there are many benefits, both mentally and physically. It is a great time to let your child try out new dance styles, get some much-needed socialization, and continue training to prevent injuries. And most importantly- summer dance is FUN!!

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