By C. Laettner

Everyone knows that math is a vital part of education, but did you know that dance training can have similar benefits in a child’s development and overall well-being?

Most people know dance helps students improve physical fitness, flexibility, musicality, and confidence. But did you know, like math, dance focuses on building mental discipline, problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, and communication?  According to “The Scientific World” these are all vital concepts in math development in young students.  They are also benefits of dance training!

Dance requires a good amount of mental discipline as dancers are asked to not only learn new vocabulary daily but also memorize large sequences of movement that involve rhythm, tempo, direction, and teamwork. Once the choreography is learned it is practiced repeatedly, often with changes being made and requiring the dancer to be mentally flexible and adapt. Amazingly, this is something even the youngest dancers are taught to do successfully!

Problem-solving and critical thinking are cornerstones of both math and dance. Dancing has been shown to change thinking patterns and help problem-solving through exercises such as improvisation and clear choreography. The brain only rewires pathways to make new connections when it is processing new information, so by learning new dance steps the dancer makes the brain fire on all cylinders. Dance also involves a huge amount of creative thinking and communication skills, the same as math, because dancers have to convey emotion and ideas using only body language and facial expressions.

All the skills that are found in math and dance have a huge value to the student’s overall development! They can think quickly and creatively, problem solve and communicate their ideas both verbally and through their body language. Dancers are more self-aware of what their face and body is saying, especially in high-stress situations which is a skill that lasts into adulthood. Also, the mental discipline that dancers have spill over into other academic areas and extracurricular activities, setting them on a road to success.

At Medina Centre for Dance Art, we can help your child train their brain and their body to think creatively, problem-solve, be disciplined, and communicate better. Whether your child is just starting out their academic career or is knee-deep in their studies, dance is for everyone and has so many benefits mentally! Come join us for a free trial class and see why dance is an excellent addition to any child’s well-being!