• Session 1 – September 9th – December 5th, 2020  (12 weeks/lessons)
  • Session 2 – December 7th  – March 13, 2021 (12 weeks/lessons) – two weeks of winter break
  • Session 3 – March 15th  – June 12th, 2021 (12 weeks/lessons) – one week of spring break

Tuition/Each Session   (12 weeks/lessons)
                30 minute – Mini (Ages 7-9)   Ballet, Tap or Jazz      -  $200.00
                30 minute – Jr. (Ages 10-12)  Ballet Tap or Jazz         - $200.00
                30 minute – Teen (Ages 13+) Ballet Tap or Jazz         - $200.00

Tuition is due at the time of enrollment.

Home Dance Space Requirements

  • Prepare a designated space for your child to move in.  Generally, 6’x6’ is ideal.  Try and make sure the space is free from pets, sibling, and loud noises.
  • Remove all clutter from the floor so that dancers will not trip.
  • If possible, invest in a small ballet barre or tap board for the use at home. 
  • Make sure your child is visible head to toe to the camera.  This will ensure the teacher can see their whole body and correct placement and ensure safe dance practices. 
  • Be mindful of what others in the room say near the microphone,  Remember the teacher and everyone in the class can hear you.
  • Dress Code
  • Please follow the same dress code as expected for an in-person class.  Preparation of your mind, body, and attire is a huge amount of success. We are striving to differentiate dance class online from hanging out and watching TV.
  • All shoes and supplies should be at the ready near your dance space.

Class Time

  • Dancers should arrive at least 4 minutes before class and wait to be admitted to the virtual dance room.
  • Use the restroom BEFORE you log in.
  • Put your child’s full name as the log in/setting. 
  • Remember the internet can cut out at times.  Remind your dancer to not panic and just wait and see if it reconnects or simply log back in. pe your paragraph here.

MCDA has Virtual Dance Class options for families that are unable to attend dance class in person.   Meet your teacher and other virtual dance classmates through Zoom.  

Three age groups:   Mini 7-9                                     Three dance genres:      Ballet

                                    Juniors 10-12                                                                      Tap

                                   Teens   13+                                                                           Jazz  

MCDA Virtual Studio