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What our clients say

I would highly recommend Medina Centre. My daughter joined 2 years ago at age 5 and has loved dancing ever since.

Liz Lamphear

I’ve been thrilled with MCDA, my choice for the last 8 years of dance instruction for my daughter. The instructors at MCDA are professional, knowledgeable, and talented

Katy Medley

My daughter went for the first time recently and absolutely loved it here. Thank you for the great opportunity for my daughter to find out she loves ballet! The staff here is GREAT!!”

Ashley Hershberger

The staff is amazing! I really really appreciate MCDA giving my kids an opportunity to Dance during the summer after all the closings with Covid! It made my children feel a sense of normalcy with so much uncertainty going on. Both of my girls love dancing here and my one child has special needs and has always felt welcome Thank you for all you do !

Nicole Dicenzi

We MCDA! My daughter started dancing there when she was 3 and is getting ready to start year #7 with MCDA. She has learned so much from all her teachers over the years. We would totally recommend them! 

Christine Heibert

My daughters both love this dance studio. They are caring and compassionate and treat you like family. We highly recommend this dance studio for both young dancers and adult dancers alike!!

Rachelle Bekoscke