MCDA is accepting applications for Student Teachers for the 2018-2019 dance season.    Please read through the requirements and turn your application in no later than August 25, 2018.   

    All student teachers will need to meet the following requirements:
                -      Dancers need to be enrolled in at least a Level III- IV class or higher
                -       Dancers will need one recommendation (see attached form)
                -       You must be a tap dancer to work in a class that teaches tap
                     (i.e. – creative movement, kinder combo, ballet /tap combo, tap I or II)
                -      You must be a minimum 3 years older than the average student for                           the class you assist.

    Being a member of the student teaching program is an opportunity for you to receive free training.  You will gain skills in leadership, choreography, lesson plans, and more.  This is a voluntary program.   You may use your hours to count towards service work for other organizations you are part of, i.e. student council or youth group.

    Students Teachers are a key and vital part of the dance education process here at MCDA.   I hope you will consider applying to be a student teacher here at MCDA.  

Student Assistants