MCDA is offering an extensive private and semi-private lesson schedule.  Please email the studio if you have any questions. 

Private Lessons –  Private instruction between one dancer (minimum age 9) and one teacher. 
60- minute lesson in Ballet
30-minute lesson in Ballet, Tap, Acro and Jazz Tech

Semi-Private Lessons – Private instruction between two dancers(minimum age 9) and one teacher. Both dancers should be of similar age and ability/level.  Teachers cannot create multiply lesson plans for a semi-private lesson.

The students do not have to be from the same family.  However, if they are not from the same family, both parties need to consent to the semi-private lesson.

60- minute lessons are offered in Ballet Only
30-minute lessons are offered in Ballet, Tap, Acro and Jazz Tech

Details and Dollars
You must sign up through Sign Up Genius (see link below). Private lessons are non-refundable, a credit will be issued for missed lessons and may be used at a mutually agreed upon time for future private or semi-private lessons only.  Dancers will be charged a $10 “no show fee”  if you do not cancel at least 2-hour before your scheduled lesson.

Once you book your lesson,  a teacher will contact you and create a lesson plan based on your dance level/ability and what goals you want to accomplish.

$55.00             One-hour private lesson (one dancer)
$25.00ea         One-hour semi-private lesson (two dancers)

$35.00             ½ hour private lesson (one dancer)
$15.00ea         ½ hour semi-private lesson (two dancers)
(If you purchase 4 or more semi-private or private lessons at one time,  you can take a 10% discount.  Discounts are exclusive to families and cannot be shared with semi-private friends.)

If dancers want a one-hour private lesson you will need to claim time slots in 2 back to back 30 minutes sessions.   If you want a semi-private lesson BOTH dancers will need to log in and claim lessons in the same time slot. Use the link below to sign up through Sign Up Genius.  

Private and Semi-Private Lesson