Per guidelines and mandates issued by the state of Ohio, all persons entering the building are required to have a face covering (or mask).  

Dancer my remove masks during class (with parent permission) while active in the dance class room.   Social distancing is required. 

Covid -19 Pandemic Studio Protocols 

As we are trying to be proactive in our approach and handling of this viral Covid-19 crisis,  MCDA is going to implement the following protocols.  Our goal is to limit the number of “extra” bodies in our building and keep community “gatherings” limited.

     Until further notice,   MCDA will be staffing the main entrance doors.  Families are encouraged to drive through the MCDA drive and hand off your dancers to our staff.  If you have a preschool or kinder combo dancer and feel the need to stay in the building during that class, we will limit the number of parents/guardians to one per student in the building. We ask you to leave siblings at home if you need to come into the building.  

     Pick up will be about 5-6 minutes after the end of classes.  This will give staff time to ensure all dancers have changed their shoes, gathered their belongings, and put their coats on.  We will be at the same door to escort dancers back to your car in the drop off lane. Our school-age dancers (1st grade and up) should consider the same procedures that they use during regular school drop off and pick up. 

     The water fountain will be off-limits until further notice. Dancers will need to bring a personal water bottle. WATER ONLY please, no juice, sports drinks or soda will be allowed in the dance rooms.  I will have a LIMITED number of water bottles in case someone is in need, but this supply is very limited and not guaranteed.

     There are LOTS of germs running crazy right now.  PLEASE- PLEASE -PLEASE stay home if you are sick! We love you- not your germs.  This has been a hard winter on our students, with flu, strep, bronchitis, and more.  We also have many families who have family members that are immune-compromised and/or in the high-risk category for Covid-19 and other winter superbugs,  please help keep them healthy and free of unexpected risks.  

     MCDA has always been proactive about cleaning and disinfecting our dance home. The other Miss Kellie (the cleaning lady) is here every day we have classes.  She disinfects EVERYTHING that hands touch with bleach and or disinfect sprays.   Acro mats are cleaned with a bleach solution after use and bathrooms are disinfected daily.  We have always spared no expense in keeping our facility clean and healthy for our dancers and staff, regardless of superbug scares.  Because of this, we use lots of cleaning supplies. MCDA is running short on some items we use all the time.  If you have an extra Clorox wipe, Lysol spray, or disinfectants you would be willing to donate I would appreciate it!