Illness and Covid Protocols

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  • If you are sick stay home.
  • Wash your hands w/ soap & warm water before you go to class Cover your coughs & sneezes with your elbow. 
  • No sharing drinks or food. 
  • Water fountain closed/Bring your own water bottle labeled with your name
  • No lobby guests or visitors.
  • If a parent needs to come in the building. No siblings or extra guest are allowed. 
  • No waiting between classes – dancers will have to leave the building between classes it your break is longer then 15 minutes.
  • Respect everyone’s dance space and keep your distance. 

If a student becomes ill or doesn’t feel well while at the studio they will be isolated to the-Green Room’ (Miss Kelly’s Office) and parents will be called for immediate pick up A staff member or studio volunteer will wait with the dancer until their parent arrive at the studio for pick up.

Students with a fever or other symptoms of illness should NOT come to the dance studio. We ask dancers to consent to a temperature check if illness is expected.

Dancers may wear a cloth face masks that cover their mouth and nose. 

Student Lobby
Dancers should use only one space in the student lobby and keep all their belongs in that marked space. We strongly encourage everyone to clean out their dance bags and only bring the necessary shoes and supplies to class with you.  

Building Entrance & Exit
Everyone should use the side (driveway) door to enter the building The FRONT door (Court Street Sidewalk) to EXIT the building, One way traffic through the studio lobby will eliminate congestion and allow for proper distancing during pick up and drop off. Staff will be available to escort students in and out of the building