How old do students have to be to start dancing at MCDA?
Our regular season classes such as Preschool Combo are for dancers that will turn three by August 31st and are potty-trained.  
Kinder Combo class is for dancers age 4-6 years old.   We ask that all 4-year old dancers completed the Preschool combo class before registering for Kinder Combo
Classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced level dancers that are at least 7-years old are offered based on ability and age. 

Do you have a competitive program? 
No, MCDA discontinued its participation in commercial dance competitions as of August 2018.  The decision to focus on our training and performance skills outside of the competitive arena was not without much deliberation. Though many students and families enjoyed competing, MCDA staff felt to much focus was on "winning trophies" and not on developing long term dance art skills and appreciation.  Our youth dance ensemble (company) will focus on community performances and non-competitive dance festival participation. 

Do you have to perform in recital?
Recital participation is optional; however, we strongly encourage dancers to take advantage of performing opportunities.  Dance is a performing art and part of the dance art educational process. 
We understand that students will have conflicts that will prevent them from performing in-studio shows, MCDA will make every accommodation to ensure ALL dancers get the most of all classes leading up to a performance.

What classes should my dancer take?
Every dancer has a different interest, and there are many different types of dance, but the fundamentals of the different genres are often very similar.
Dancers should consider doing a trial class and sample a few styles before making a choice. 
Technique classes, like ballet, jazz tech or modern, will offer the most long-term benefit and applicability between genres. 

What supplies or shoes will my dancer need? Is there a dress code?
The MCDA dress code is posted on the studio website at www.MCDAdance.com.
Dancer are required to have the proper attire to participate in class.
As with any activities success starts in the preparation.  Dancers that take the time to prepare for class, by wearing the proper clothes shoes and hair style will find they have also taken the time to prepare their mind for dance class and learning.