Classy & Sassy (60+)

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Classy & Sassy (60+)

Senior that are looking for a fun activity with particular attention paid to moves with joint or back pain in mind, can dance an enjoy exercise and the art of ballet.

Promote physical and mental vitality
Improve Balance and coordination
Enjoy beautiful classical music
Use dance to meet personal health goals
Foster friendships and new connections

Dancing Classy & Sassy

Aged 60+

Tuesdays – Mornings at 10:00-11:00  

  • Promote physical and mental vitality
  • Use dance to help aging participants meet their personal health goals
  • Engage senior participants in the art of dance 
  • Foster friendships by making new connections to peers using dance 


  • $10.00 walk-in rate
  • $35.00 for a month

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